An Eye For Detail and you helping... 

  • 57 Central Park 585-327-7200
  • 145 Parsells Avenue 585-288-0021
  • 500 Carter Street 585-336-4697

Storage is at a premium at these locations. They need to be able to use or donate the items quickly.
If you think your donation is a match for the location but are not sure, please contact the department and check in.
They are very pleased to distribute your donation to the community or their services!!

Administrative Services - HR- 57 Central Park
Contact Name: Deborah Gagliano
Contact Phone: 585-327-7200 ext 107
Contact Email:

Books for the reception areas to give away to consumers (children and adult)

- Provides Rochester's older adult population with programs designed to provide services to elders.
also provide opportunities for older adults to make a difference through civic engagement. (145 Parsells Ave)

Contact Name: Katy Allen
Contact Phone: 585-224-2601
Contact Email:


household items in good condition (sheets, blankets, towels, pots and pans, blenders, toaster ovens, etc.)
good condition exercise equipment
dishes, jewelry, purses
flower vases, picture frames, kitchen utensils
table cloths, etc.
(Please call ahead before dropping off a donation)

Disability Services- Provides people with developmental disabilities with programs to develop intellectual
and physical skills for a more positive life experience. (500 Carter St.)
Contact Name: Anne T. Denmark 
Contact Phone: 585-336-4688

Contact Email:

Pull-ups (any size)
Dress-up items for doll corner (all gender)
Floor mirror
Kid's table set for kitchen area in play room
Make-up station
Iron and ironing board
Towels, wash cloths

Early Childhood
- Provides young children and their day care providers with the tools and resources necessary
for positive growth and development.

Contact Name: Suheily Nieves/ Andrea Cain
Contact Phone: 585-336-4697 ext 143/ 585-327-7200 ext 179
Contact Email:

Family and Housing - The Community Place helps all families, including those that lack the material or educational
resources necessary to break the cycle of poverty, crime and social injustice. (145 Parsells Ave)

Contact Name: Ms. White
Contact Phone: 585-288-0021
Contact Email:

personal items
dry goods
canned goods
cleaning/household items

Prevention Services - Reduce the prevalence, delay the initiation, and prevent the escalation, of substance use/abuse
and problem gambling amongst adolescents in Monroe County. (145 Parsells Ave)
Contact Name: Carmen Wiriyagale
Contact Phone: 585-288-0021 ext. 222.
Contact Email:

Threshold’s Learning Center at The Community Place- A preparation site, for out of school youth between
the ages of 17 and 25, designed to assist students in getting their High School Equivalency Diploma . (145 Parsells Ave.)

Contact Name: Tarlon Gibson
Contact Phone: 585-288-0021 ext. 210
Contact Email:


coats, hats, gloves, scarves

professional/work attire (for interviews etc.)

Youth Services-
Services to allow young people in grades kindergarten through 8th grade and students attending
Northeast/Northwest College Prep at Douglass Campus to be prepared for high school and set a firm foundation for future
success in college, work and life by age 21. (145 Parsells Ave.)

Contact Name: Isaac Bliss/ Ashleigh DuBois
Contact Phone:585-327-7200 ext 118/ 585-288-0021 ext 162

slightly used toys (K-8),
board games,
children's coats (jackets, winter coats, hats),
clothing (age 5-8),
first aid kits and supplies,
arts and crafts supplies