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Reduce Stress:

Researchersfind people who see their home as “cluttered” have a stress hormone profile indicative of chronic stress. It has also been linked with anxiety and depression and being more tired at home! If you come home and don't feel like everything is "done," how can you relax? 

​Improved Health: 

In a 2016 study, college students were twice as likely to reach for sugar-rich foods when they were stressed and in a messy kitchen. Researchers found that the combination of stress (which clutter causes) AND being in a chaotic environment led to more unhealthy eating habits. Clutter and disorganization have also been linked to bouts of insomnia. Even memory is impacted!

Feel Cleaner: 

The more stuff you have out and around, the more dust you have collecting and the harder it is to clean. Research also shows that you spend 40% less time on daily cleaning when you have an uncluttered environment.

Why Should I Get Organized?

Increase Productivity: 

Researchers published an article in the Journal of Neuroscience in 2011 that linked a cluttered visual environment and multiple objects competing for your attention to poor focus. Clutter is distracting, even if you think you don’t think you “see it.” Add ADD or ADHD and it is nearly impossible to focus!

​Save Time and Money: 

Searching for things takes time. Cleaning in clutter wastes time. Losing things costs money. Forgetting you own things and buying them again takes money. Even worse, losing bills or paying late costs money too. Organizing also creates new shopping habits that will save you money. The Return on Investment on organizing is immeasurable!

​Help Your Family: 

Whether you are currently role modeling for a young family, looking to invite friends and family over, or clearing now, so your children don’t have to deal with it one day, you are likely not just taking this journey for yourself.