An Eye For Detail Professional Organization, A Rochester NY based top professional organizer to meet all your organizing needs. Owned and operated by Tamara Turcott. Professional Organizer

About Tamara and An Eye For Detail Professional Organization

     An Eye For Detail Professional Organization was started with a love of making things beautiful yet functional. The main goal of An Eye For Detail Professional Organization is to create an environment that makes you WANT to keep yourself organized and makes you feel comfortable and serene in a space that previously caused you headaches. But organizing is not about "everything in its place." Organizing is about everything having a place so you are not overwhelmed. When your environment is organized, you can find things more easily and feel more at peace. You save time (by not looking for your things) and money (because you don't forget what you have or give up looking for it and buy more!)


     Our organizing philosophy is "waste not, want not." My belief is that the fewer items going into landfills is better for the environment and your peace of mind. In as much, my goal is to help you sell anything worth money and donate anything still usable. I help facilitate both sales and donations on your behalf, when possible. I understand parting ways with some items is difficult, so I work to add value and meaning to your process.     

     Most of my clients have also found their first project is a stepping stone to further organization. When we organize, we separate our belongings into three groups: save, purge, and donate. Once you have learned the process, continuing in the rest of your space becomes a new habit. Throughout the course of my career, I am overwhelmed by the feedback I have received of the positive changes in people's lives. It is my goal to continue to make a difference one person at a time.

     Tamara Turcott is a Gold Circle member of the National Association of  Productivity and Organizing Professionals. In addition, An Eye For Detail Professional Organization is a top Rochester, NY professional organizer on

     Tamara holds a BS in Biology and a minor in Psychology from the State University of New York at Geneseo and completed two years of a Master of Fine Arts at Rochester Institute of Technology. She is a native of New York growing up approximately an hour north of New York City in Orange County and coming to Rochester in 1998. Tamara stayed in Rochester upon meeting her wonderful husband, Bill. Unfortunately, he was lost to cancer in 2011. He was only 39. 

     Tamara has been practicing organizing her whole life. As a child, she often surprised her family with freshly rearranged furniture and friend's parents with newly organized rooms while they were out for the day! In her adult life she was always the first to call when someone needed help rearranging, reorganizing, or moving. Even her own home is not immune. Her husband would always joke that he would come home and have to check the house number again! Now, Tamara specializes in finding beautiful and creative solutions for small and cramped spaces while living in a small space herself! Tamara has also found herself working with people who have been through their own hard losses and helping them find the other side. But, regardless of what is needed and how we got there, there is no organizing project too big or small! It is all a welcome challenge!