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Basement - Before and After

This client moved into their home nearly a decade earlier and always meant to get to the unpacked boxes. Instead, it became a catch-all over the years. When we were finished (about 8 hours) this basement was both visually better, but more usable with zones for each type of storage. The homeowner already had all the storage and was able to donate items they never used. We also found grandma's long lost pearls!

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Kitchen- Before and After

The homeowner needed to feel safe in her kitchen and was using the kitchen as little as possible. Cooking was difficult and eating in the kitchen was impossible. All areas of the kitchen had collected clutter, trash and recyclables, and was being used as storage from a move years earlier. We were able to go through every inch of the kitchen and trash, recycle, donate, and organize. Now the kitchen has a craft area, an eating area, a safe place to cook, and is all around easier to keep clean. It is always great to get a fresh start!

Garage- Before and After

The homeowner had a boat and a project guy in the garage. (Ok. The guy lives in the house, but his "stuff" was all over the garage.) After the boat went into storage we were able to tackle the garage. We re-arranged the existing equipment to maximize on space, brought in new shelves, set up a new hanging system, and organized all the existing materials into the new system. Since we were essentially organizing for someone else, we were careful not to throw anything away and to label everything! The homeowner LOVES being able to park in the garage now!!

Another Basement - Before and After

The homeowner was using the basement as a home gym, a home business space, and the general catch all. We were able to get all the gym and sporting equipment in one area and the home business consolidated to another. The rest of the items were sorted or properly donated to make room to use the basement in peace. AND the amount of time and money saved not searching for lost items or buying them again was worth it!

Live Instagram Feed

This is a live feed from Instagram of my life as an organizer and what I am up to. See Instagram @AnEyeForDetailOrganizing for more pictures!

Closet - Before and After

This client had a room she was using as a closet. While the idea was there, we needed to fine tune it to create a dressing boutique for her. This room also has a newly hung curtain to hide the clothes when guests come over. This room took about 7 hours to complete plus shopping time. 

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A Closet Boutique

This spare bedroom turned dressing room is full of storage ideas and beauty. Creating a space you enjoy is a tried and tested method to keep your space neat. This space employs many tricks and ideas for organizing: labels, matching hangers, color coordination, bins, and time tested tools. This dressing room is in my own home and the first place test many new ideas for my clients. 

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A Home Staging

This was such an amazing project for me. It was not because I had the opportunity to go through every inch of the house and create a feeling. I do love that. But this house had a special needs child living it during the staging. A child with special needs requires stability and a staging creates instability. This made a challenge for me I was happy to take on. As I arranged each room, I took into account what the family would need in order to survive while showing their home. But the best part of the whole project was the stamp of approval from the child! He never used his bedroom until I staged it. Then he loved it and didn't want to leave it! The new arrangement spoke to him. That's even better than creating a sale!

A Child's Playroom

This homeowner's newly exploring baby grandson needed a safe and stimulating place to play. And of course it needed to be easy to clean up after him!! Voila!

Holiday Decorating

Whether you are already overwhelmed by the holidays, have medical issues preventing you from decorating, or just would like some extra help, I am here for you. Taking down the holidays and storing it in the best possible way will save space throughout the year as well. 

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