An Eye For Detail Professional Organization, A Rochester NY based top professional organizer to meet all your organizing needs. Owned and operated by Tamara Turcott. Professional Organizer

"Our first conversation with Tamara moved us out of our dis-organizational rut and inspired us to get moving toward being organized and our house working for us. Tamara had wonderful ideas and really listened to what we wanted and needed and what would work for us. Organization isn’t intuitive to us, but we needed a simple solution that would make it easy to maintain. Tamara’s ideas got us to that simple solution."

M.W. - Rochester, N.Y.

"A huge Thank You for all you have done with our house organizing/purging/cleaning! I had to run home on lunch, and it so happens that it is our garbage day, and when I came home, all the cardboard, metal and even the treadmill was gone. What a big gigantic relief this all is! I opened my garage and it is not embarrassing to leave open anymore. I actually enjoy coming home every day now, and all our stuff is not so overwhelming to the family. Christopher has been doing awesome with his room too. He is a very happy boy."

K.C. - Henrietta, N.Y.

What Are Our Clients Saying?

"Before I met Tamara and used her services I was feeling overwhelmed and frustrated with a cluttered closet.  From the moment I met Tamara I liked her upbeat, professional and friendly personality. She listened to what I wanted and needed and adapted my space accordingly! And gave me helpful suggestions. the job took longer than she anticipated because of a few snags along the and she did not charge me for the extra time which I greatly appreciated. She taught me things along the way which I totally appreciated also! I can't say enough about her. I would highly recommend her and will definitely hire her for future projects!"

C.R. - Rochester, N.Y.

"Tamara is wonderful! For starters, she digitized over 40 years of photos for me. I have about 60+ photo albums and some of the pictures were actually glued on the pages making them difficult to remove and scan. However, Tamara was able to take all the photos out of each album, scan them and put them back in the original album. This required hours and hours of diligence and patience. Then she stored my photos in three separate places (such as the cloud and Shutterfly), ensuring i will never lose these precious memories. She also set up an adorable playroom for my grandchildren in the basement, and organized over-stuffed closets in my house plus my office and the den. Tamara is simply wonderful at what she does! She is fun to be around and i always look forward to our chats."

M.S. - Webster, N.Y.

"As a professional organizer and owner of An Eye for Detail, Tamara Turcott spends her days creating welcoming, functional spaces for her growing clientele. Not shying away from any task, her office is typically someone else’s office, home or even a single closet that has simply gotten out of hand... Her infectious personality makes it easy for people to open up, something that is essential to this line of work. “I have to get to know them, how they live, work and clean” says Turcott who uses detailed questioners and conversation to get to know her customers."...(Read more here)

Vanessa Cheeks - Rochester Woman Magazine

"I am a busy parent, raising a child by myself and working two very demanding jobs to do it. Let's just say--things got out of hand around the house and I had no idea where to even begin. It was way beyond what a traditional maid service could handle, and I didn't know if there was anyone who actually did what I needed to be done without costing me a fortune or forcing me to air out my dirty laundry (literally) on one of those HGTV reality shows. The moment I called An Eye for Detail, I knew that Tamara was the right person to handle this task. Just mentioning one small issue over the phone, she figured out a way to solve the problem. Our first meeting, she had so many great suggestions, that I couldn't wait for her to get started.

I was worried that I would have to hold someone's hand through the process--I do some of my work from home, and I need a lot of time undisturbed. Tamara seemed to have a sixth sense. She took over completely, arranging things in a logical manner, and dealing with those dark corners of things that collect but seem at the time too precious or painful to get rid of. I was amazed that one person could do everything she could handle (even lugging a 200 lb punching bag across the house by herself), and she was very fast, thorough, and honest (I even left her keys so she could work when we were out of town).  

The price is more than reasonable. For what I paid, I received such an immeasurable sense of relief that it is done and manageable. Even if I get busy and things go a few days without getting done, I have no fear that it will get to be out of the scope of what I can handle because Tamara made sure that everything has a place, and offered suggestions for how to curb the clutter before it ever occurs.

Highly recommended."

L.B. - Rochester, N.Y.