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If It Takes Less Than One Minute, Do it Immediately!

I find as I work with clients, I come up with little "gems of wisdom" that I want to share. Of course, in my standard ADD form, I have to say it a lot of times to a lot of clients before I even remember to share it on a broader spectrum. Add to that that I don't know how to sit down long enough to share it, well, good luck EVER hearing my gem! 

Then one day, I REMEMBERED and I quickly took a picture of my just emptied sink after I forced myself to clear it when I wanted to run out the door. And I remembered that I ALWAYS tell my clients not to let clutter and mess build up to proportions that they would rather ignore it. I quickly added text and posted the "gem" to my Instagram. Over the course of the next few days, I received over 2.2K likes, 148 shares, and 368 people saved my advice for later. To date, this little "gem" has reached over 62,000 people worldwide! And now it has reached you!!

But what does it mean? Why should I clean "all day?" My life is busy! And my reply to that is "Yes, it is! Your time is precious and I do not want you wasting it!" But think about the time it actually takes to clean up. Time yourself making your bed in the morning. I know it seems silly. But research shows making your bed in the morning actually MAKES you more productive. So, one morning, I timed myself... 18 pillows and 3 extra blankets! (Yes, I am a bit of a diva! I admit it!) The time was 45 seconds. That's it! OK, as a professional organizer I am the queen at streamlining processes. So I may make my bed in record time. But, it was less than 1 minute. How could I leave my bed unmade when the benefits are proven and it only took me 45 seconds? 

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